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Bandoneon / Code TS004

Bandoneon / Code TS004
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Code / Name: Bandoneon / Code TS004

Year: 1998

Technique: Oil on canvas

Size: 90 x 60

Comments: The accordion is a traditional instrument in Uruguay, Brazil, Argentinga,Colombia among others Latin American countries. Used for Tango,vallenato and cumbia.The legend of the Accordion's arrival in South America comes from a story of a ship wreck that was coming from Germany to Argentina. The wreck happened overthe Atlantic coasts. A very elegant musician, probably tango dancer, playing aacordoin in a Bar is part of the artist's Tango series. It is one of the earliest painting of the Series, an oil on canvas with dark colours reflecting the Bar environment in South America in the 50's.

Price: USD 1000

Bandoneon / Code TS004