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Gral Leandro Gomez

Gral Leandro Gomez
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Code / Name: Gral Leandro Gomez

Year: 1986

Technique: water paint on board

Size: 78 x 65

Comments: General Leandro Gomez is a hero for the city of Paysandu (Region where the artist grew up). Paysandu was attacked and invaded in Dec 1864 from the south by Argetina’s military and from the north by the Brazilian military. The General Leandro Gomez leading a small group of locals heroically defended the city for 29 days He was finally captured and executed in Jan 1865. This is the oldest painting from his collection, painted when he was only 16 years old. Note: this painting has been torn when transported from South America to Middle East

Price: USD 15000

Gral Leandro Gomez